Bumi grows so fast!

and so does Langit…



We were featured on a TV talk show, thanks to Tante Bebek. She was initially the guest of that Baby Blues Syndrome episode (she wrote her devastating experience in The Urban Mama and got massive responses), but since she had to catch the flight to Bali that morning, then referred the opportunity to me.

Actually, it is hard to talk about what i had been through. I didn’t know why i took that chance. The moment after saying yes, i got this nervous breakdown. I never really talked about it. Sure, i mentioned it here on some letters to you two. But never gone into details. Now, i have to talk to strangers well… practically to millions viewers, live!

I told Ayah about it and his first reaction was: “You had baby blues syndrome?”
And i was like…
“You did NOT know? I went to that expensive counseling hours with that psychologist, remember?”
See, nobody really knows. I mean, God! Doesn’t that saggy dark circle under my eyes tell you something?

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