Bumi grows so fast!

and so does Langit…


A self-proclaimed dreamer. Loves books so bad. But not that much after knowing that Bumi was (and later, Langit) in her tummy. She immediately knew after that breaking moment, that she’ll never love anything more than both of you, any longer. She is some kind of  cry baby and getting more mellow these days especially when she sees baby or read/hear story about baby.

4 Comments on “Bubun”

  1. syanne natalia says:

    Sis, aku bole minta pendapat ga utk pakai dokter mana utk persalinan?
    Bole minta pin bbnya ato whatsappnya? thanks yaa…

  2. MommyHannah says:

    Hai bunda Bumbum dan Lala.. (Such an amazing and wonderful dan inspiring names)..
    Saya baca blog Bunbun ttg mpasi dini Ade yg disaranin dr. Tiwi.. Kebetulan saya worry ttg bb anak saya dan tempat tinggal saya jauh dr praktek dr. Tiwi.. Boleh saya minta contact Bunbun utk sekedar sharing dan nanya2? #desperatemom.. Thanks Bunbun..

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