Bumi grows so fast!

and so does Langit…

2014: Que Sera, Sera…


We went through a tremendous journey back in 2013. It was really hard for me since it was your first year on earth.
It seems like 2014 will be a tough one for me too considering Adik Langit will be arrived and responsibility of taking care as well as nurturing a (less than two years old) toddler plus a newborn is HUGE. I pray that God will send us a helper (nanny or maid, whatever) soon. Otherwise, well… i don’t know. Maybe it’s the time for me to resign from my current job.

Many people believe that tomorrow will be better that today, that everything will find its way no matter what. I don’t. I just don’t. See…
It won’t get better in time. Life will be more challenging tomorrow. Hence, Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.

We have to be stronger by days if we want to survive.

For me, there’s no resolution for this year (like i have one last year and the year before…)
However, i do have one goal: To survive.

All we need to do is living from day to day. One day at a time.

When we said goodbye to 2013 last night, i have let things go. I may not accomplish my mission of being good person last year, let alone a good mother. But you know that i love you and your sibling very much.

– Bubun


2 Comments on “2014: Que Sera, Sera…”

  1. dinaisyana says:

    Bisa membayangkan perasaanmu…. Antara hepi dan galau *puk puk*….

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